Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Vday with 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™

Hey all! Hope you had a wonderful St Valentine's weekend! :) And for the ladies, I'm sure you all had fun dressing up, be it for a date with your partner/spouse, or with your girlfriends.

Fred's birthday is really close to Valentine's, so we usually celebrate both occasions by going out for a nice meal. And each year I fret about what to wear for this special occasion! I must admit I love picking out the right outfit, and making sure I have the right hair and makeup to go along. ;)

For Choice #1, I decided to go for a softer, prettier look with this embossed skater dress. Paired it with gold accessories and strappy heels for a more romantic look. ;)

For makeup, I opted for a natural look with a light blush on the cheeks and rose pink lippie. For hair, I decided soft curls would work best.

For me, the most important factor in dressing up for an occasion is comfort. I am only truly myself when I am not worried about my mascara running, or my contact lenses drying out, etc. etc. And I find myself having much more fun when I'm comfortable.

Last but not least, I chose to wear the Vivid Style variant from 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™I really love how this brown variant helps to make my eyes look larger (yesyesyes to this), more vivid, and expressive.

I have been a loyal user of 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ for about 2 years now because they're by far the best beauty enhancement lenses I've used. As mentioned, I really like to be comfortable while out on a date, and having moist and comfortable contact lenses is one thing I feel most ladies tend to overlook. Instead of having to make space in the purse for eyedrops, and have the inconvenience of hydrating your eyes halfway during the date, I always tell my girlfriends to switch to a healthier and more comfortable pair of beauty enhancement contact lenses to save them all that hassle!

1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ makes my eyes naturally bigger and more expressive the healthy way! It comes with ACUVUE® Triple Care which keeps eyes comfortable and healthy. What it does is that provides high levels of moisture, oxygen and UV protection for more healthy and comfortable eyes all day.

For Choice #2, I decided to go for a stronger look! I love wearing one-piece suits and I feel that with the right makeup & hair, it can also bring out a ton of feminity.

Makeup wise, I piled on a little more mascara than the previous get-up, and also chose a bold lip shade to complete the look.

Putting on a bold look doesn't mean there can't be any smiles! ;)

This time, I chose the Accent variant from  ACUVUE® DEFINE™ because it complements my 'strong' look by making the eyes brighter and more distinctive.

What I really like about ACUVUE® DEFINE™ is that a lot of research and development is goes into manufacturing it. For example, its Beauty-Wrapped-In-Comfort™ technology seals the lens’ colorants between two thin, transparent layers of lens material, thus protecting the eyes from direct contact with the colour pigments. Yet it still remains as a very thin layer that ensures eyes are kept extremely moist and comfortable! 

Also, 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™ brand of beauty enhancement contact lenses offers internationally recognized levels of ultraviolet (UV) protectionThis means your cornea is protected from UV rays and coupled with your sunglasses; your eyes are better protected because UV rays can still seep in from the sides of your shades!

To me, eye health is extremely important, and I care a lot about the type of lenses I put into my eyes everyday. After doing thorough research and experimenting with different contact lenses brands, I still feel that 1 • Day ACUVUE® DEFINE™is the most comfortable and healthy brands for me.

Chose Outfit #2 in the end and here's a picture of a great night out with our pals! ;)

Friday, 3 January 2014


GOOD NEWS WESTIES!! BROWHAUS and STRIP boutiques are now even more accessible with their new opening at Westgate! & that's right next to Jurong East MRT!

It has been my privilege working with them the past year, and was so glad to be able to join the celebrations at their opening party!

Didn't manage to take pictures with the rest of the bloggers cos we're all taking turns to get groomed, but here's one with gorgeous Jessica!

It was my turn to try out some of their signature treatments! Started with my favourite Thread & Tweeze treatment for the brows. Here's my therapist, Jully, showing me how she'd groom my brows. I really appreciate how they communicate with customers before starting the treatments because it gives us the security that they're grooming our brows just the way we like!

I realised a lot of ladies are scared of threading because of the pain.. Trust me, after a few sessions, you'd be so used to it that the pain would no longer bug you! Plus, threading helps remove the fine baby hair that tweezing would not be able to reach. That's why I do a combi of both! ;)

I requested for her to fill up the spaces in my brows (my previous Brow Resurrection treatment has faded slightly), and she was really nice to help me fill in and design my brows.

Adding her finishing touches to the Brow Design!

And tadah! My perfectly groomed and designed brows :) Also threaded my upper lips cos I like to keep that area hair-free :)

Moved on to my IPL treatment at STRIP!  Some people might have the misconception that IPL is painful because they experienced ‘snapping’ sensations during their treatment at other salons, but at STRIP, all I felt is a warm sensation during my treatment. I conveniently fell asleep while the therapist was working on my underarms. Lol that's how painless the entire treatment is and how comfy their beds are!

The reason why STRIP's IPL is near pain-free, is because they use a special technology called Gradual Heating System. It releases small doses of energy that's accumulated throughout the treatment to reach the target level to destroy our hair follicle. And it has this amazing cooling system that makes the applicator's crystal ice cold! This helps to protect our skin, make sure the treatment is comfortable yet deliver results!

Definitely went home a happy camper that day!! Thank you BROWHAUS and STRIP for the many years of keeping me groomed and hair-free, so so glad you're in the West now ;D

From now till 31 January 2014, quote 'Velda Tan' to enjoy 50% off your first wax or first brow treatment* at STRIP Westgate or BROWHAUS Westgate. This is open to all first-time customers at Westgate outlet only and is limited to one redemption per customer. Other terms & conditions apply.
*Not applicable for semi-permanent treatments or lash services

BROWHAUS and STRIP are also offering special starter packages for my readers! 
STRIP: Purchase STRIP waxing credit package at $150 and get $50 credits for free
BROWHAUS: Spend $140 for 10 + 3 brow threading services (U.P. $170)

Friday, 15 November 2013


Hey all!

As you guys may have noticed, I haven't been updating this space for the last couple of months. I am currently finishing up my last 4 weeks of fashion school here in London, and will probably start updating again I get back to Singapore.

In the meantime, you may wish to follow my pictorial updates on Instagram, or take a peek into my daily life at this new social media app Dayre! I don't take to new things quickly, but have been rather addicted to posting on Dayre. It's free to download in your App store, and works on Androids too! Do join me there! ;)

Can't wait to be back! Xx, Vel

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tea Pairing this Mid Autumn Festival

Most of my friends would know that I am a durian fan, and also a huge tea drinker! So when Allerines Premium Tea & Emicakes approached me to do this review, I couldn't have been happier! Am here to share about how I paired the different teas from Allerines while savouring the durian snowskin mooncakes from Emicakes. :)

Emicakes have three sensational mooncake flavours, and they each go well with a selection of Allerines Premium Tea.

The first, and my favourite, has to be the Mao Shan Wang snowskin mooncake. It has a strong Mao Shan Wang taste, and is also pretty sweet from the fruit. I wanted to try it with something flowery & light to balance the taste; and it definitely had to be a green tea. So I paired it with Sparkling Strawberries, which is a green tea with raisins, strawberry slices, rosebuds & lavender that makes it a really like and fruity brew. Went together perfectly I must say! The other tea that goes really well too has to be the Sakura green tea!

Next I tried was the D24 flavour. It has a less strong durian taste, and is also less sweet compared to the Mao Shang Wang one, so I thought I could pair it with something slightly heavier. My top choice had to be the Snowy Oolong; an exquisite bend of top quality spring harvest oolong from Anxi, Fujian. I has a dreamy blend that mixes really well with the flavour from the D24 mooncake. :)

The last mooncake flavour was slightly more exotic in my opinion, so I kept for the last. The D24 Oreo was a different and very interesting flavour for a mooncake, but it rather tasty I must say! Picked the Irish Chocolate blend to go along as that was the recommended flavour. It was a great duo ;)

It was a great afternoon pairing tea with mooncakes! And here's wishing all an awesome upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival ;)


ALLERINES x EMICAKES is giving away 3 sets of Emicakes (Official) Durian D24 Oreo Mooncakes & Allerines Premium Tea Irish Chocolate to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival! All you'll need to do is leave a comment with your email address before Monday 16th Sep, and Emicakes will be in contact with the 3 lucky readers!

In addition, order teas at a 10% discount at Allerines Premium Tea from now till end Sept! Simply use the voucher code QDZN698S at checkout! ;)

UPDATE (16/9)
The winners are:
1. Candice Koh: sveltekiss
2. Sherylyn Ler: sherlyn_ler
3. Jerena Tan: cookiez_yum
Thank you for participating! Emicakes will be in contact with you shortly!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Let's Talk Beauty: Wake Up to Awesome Skin

Hey ladies! I promised to share about good facial treatments and I recently came across one that I really really like, and would be going back regularly for. ;) I admit I was drawn to SKIN INC's Instant Glow Infusion because of its name; who doesn't want an 'Instant Glow' always? Also, it's recently bagged a title from Harper's Bazaar Spa Awards. I had to test it out myself!

Found myself at ION's outlet, and was a little apprehensive at first.. I get a little icky knowing I'll have to walk around the crowded streets after getting a facial done. Went in crossing my fingers I wouldn't come out with embarrassing splotches of redness on the face (think that's the pet peeve for most ladies!). 

This three-step facial begins with a gentle blast of 99 per cent oxygen delivered via a jet applicator at supersonic speeds to replenish skin cells, unclog pores and rev up microcirculation. Skin appears instantly brighter, smoother, and  healthier  without  the  need for painful extractions, post-facial redness or downtime.

The therapist helped me keep my eye makeup intact throughout, and so the following pictures are of no makeup except for the eyes ;) Once my skin was been optimally prepped, it was infused with SKIN INC s signature encapsulated serum. According to their website, this winning combination calms sensitized skin and accelerates healing from UV damage and pollution.

To finish off, the therapist applied a generous layer of Pure Snow White+ Mask is applied to skin to draw out and neutralise negatively-charged melanin ions, instantly brightening skin and refining pores by up to 50 per cent. Did a review of their mask previously in this entry.
PSST This treatment is suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone and sensitive skin. 
My therapist suggested that I add another step and end off with a LED Power Fix Mask. Check out this ultra cool technology! ;)

Skin Inc Anti-Pore Power Fix mask contains 81 pure blue light source 410nm  that gets right down into the core of the skin’s pores to cleanse the skin of harmful bacteria that causes spots and reduces inflammation.

Benefits of Blue light include:
  • Cleanse the skin of harmful bacteria that causes spots and pimples
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Prevents further breakouts
  • Reduces the size of skin pores
  • Minimizes scarring
  • Smoothes the texture of the skin
And within an hour, I was done! :) I went out looking even better than coming in!! And this is with ZERO makeup on the face at all! 

So blown away by the results!! I didn't have to worry about putting on powder after this treatment, and walked around town confidently in bare skin!

For the month of August, SKIN INC is offering their Instant Glow Infusion treatment at 50% off (U.P. $201)! The offer is for first-time trials only; do call 6536 6789 for your appointments! 


In other news, I recently teamed up with the lovely ladies at SKIN INC to do a simple tutorial video on how you can Wake Up to Awesome Skin!

I really like how SKIN INC is all about empowering time-starved individuals to create their own fuss-free skincare regimes, delivering maximum results. And so it was my pleasure to work with them to create a tutorial video to show how easy it is wake up to awesome skin every day. Hope you all like the video as much as I enjoyed preparing it with the SKIN INC team!

And last but not least, I'm ending with another round of GIVEAWAYS!

About Skin Inc Rescue Kits
Crafted to make luxury skincare simple and accessible, while showing fast and visible results, the Skin Inc team has carefully selected its power-packed top 5, award-winning products into these two Rescue Kits for targeted skincare. Perfect for the time-starved individual, whether you are looking for a quick fix for a skin emergency or are new to Skin Inc’s range of multi-action products.

1) Skin Inc Anti-Ageing Rescue Kit
Prevent and reverse signs of ageing like fine lines and sluggish complexion with a power-packed combo of Pure Revival Peel, Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask & Pure Repair+ Dew.

Pure Revival Peel 
Prep the skin for full absorption of follow-up skincare products by exfoliating with this extremely gentle and multi-action peel that removes dead skin without stress to the skin. Also offers skincare benefits with breakthrough, high-performance active ingredients AC-11 for DNA-repair and anti-ageing, Arbutin for brightening and Fullerenes, which destroy free radicals. Reveal newborn skin in minutes!

Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask
A triple-treat gel mask that clarifies hydrates and whitens all at once. Replenish your skin’s moisture with precious deep-sea water from southern Japan. Extremely pure and rich in nutrients, deep-sea water is a powerful natural resource that deeply clarifies and hydrates the skin. This deep hydrating mask also contains soy bean extract for brightening the skin – say hello to radiant skin that feels plump and dewy soft! 

Pure Repair+ Dew
Power-packed with potent ingredients including Pycnogenol, a highly effective anti-oxidant that slows down the signs of aging, Hyaluronic Acid and Algin, renowned as the ultimate skin hydrator that instantly replenish moisture, Pure Repair+ Dew has been expertly formulated by our award-winning research team from Japan to help treat and heal skin.

2) Skin Inc Brightening Rescue Kit
Combat skin dullness and reveal bright and glowing skin with a power-packed combo of Pure Revival Peel, Pure Snow White+ Mask & Pure Nano Hydrating Gel.

Pure Revival Peel
Please refer to above.

Pure Snow White+ Mask
Get glowing complexion in 10 minutes flat. Pure Snow White+ Mask combines 16 potent ingredients that form a positive ion field to draw out negatively-charged pigment from deep within the skin, and reduce pore size. See instantly brighter, more translucent skin after just one application.  

Pure Nano Hydrating Gel
Here are the 5 actions of the Nano Gel: Repair, hydrate, tone, protect and prime – all in one simple step. The nano technology ensures deep penetration of the active ingredients, seaweed extract, Vitamin C, rare Ocean White essence and ceramide complex to whiten, nourish and hydrate the skin. 

If you'd like to walk away with one of these kits, all you need to do is 'Like' their Facebook Pageleave a message on the page stating 'Skin Inc x Velda Giveaway',  and tell them which set they'll like to have (Anti-Ageing or Brightening), along with your email address. Contest ends 2nd September.

Till the next Beauty update, feel free to drop me a comment/email if you need any skincare help! Xx